Descriptions of Hyde Square Termini

Concept 1

“South Hunington Avenue Terminus”

This concept has a simple design in the middle of the avenue. It mimics the Green Line’s Brigham Circle stop except that the station has one platform between the tracks. It fits easily into the 54’ width of South Huntington Avenue leaving ample space on either side of the station platform for travel lanes for motor vehicles and cycles. This terminus location is technically in Canary Square with Hyde Square a few blocks away.

Concept 2

“Centre Street Terminus ‘A’ ”

This concept loops the streetcar directly into Hyde Square. It follows a route along Perkins Street turning left into the square terminating at a station next to the Whole Foods supermarket. Unlike the South Huntington Avenue terminus, it has the advantage of placing significant foot traffic in the Hyde Square business centre. From this terminus the streetcar resumes its inbound journey by travelling south on Centre Street for one block to the intersection with South Huntington where it turns northbound into the avenue.

Concept 3

“Centre Street Terminus ‘B’ ”

Like Centre Street Terminus ‘A’, this concept brings the streetcar into Hyde Square from a route along Perkins Street. It has many of the same advantages as Terminus A, but borrowing from the curved platform concept used at the current Heath Street terminus, the streetcar turns into Barbara Street to resume its inbound journey. This cuts the traveling distance and travel time of inbound trip. It also allows Barbara Street to remain open to vehicular traffic.

Concept 4

“Barbara Street Terminus”

This concept creates a unique station in Hyde Square. It pulls the streetcar into its own segregated environment creating a plaza-like feel for passengers and pedestrians. It also creates an intermodal connection with the #41 bus stop, which abuts the platform on the Centre Street side. The outbound approach to this station requires the streetcar to make a left turn into Barbara Street avoiding both Perkins Street and Canary Square.

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