In a published legal paper, our Chair Franklyn Salimbene discusses ways in which streetcars and bicycles can operate compatibly in the new urban environment. The paper traces a suit filed by injured cyclists in Seattle who fell on newly installed streetcar tracks. Read his paper here.

The last Green Line street car to run all the way to Arborway/Forest Hills in Jamica Plain ran after midnight on Saturday, December 28th, 1985. Read an account of that last run here.


The Board of the Arborway Committee for Public Transit, Inc. will meet at the Jamaica Plain Public Library on Thursday evening January 25 at 6:45. The meeting is open. Contact us for more information.

We are excited to announce that our Hyde Square Initiative was included in Go Boston 2030's Vision and Action Plan. Read the Go Boston 2030 plan here.

Thank you to all our supporters who completed Jamaica Plain State Representative Jeff Sanchez's annual survey and advocated for streetcar service to Hyde Square! 72% of Jamaica Plain residents who took the survey stated that they support the Green Line Extension down South Huntington Avenue into Hyde Square.


There is a growing movement to provide improved transit service on South Huntington Avenue in Jamaica Plain to support new residential development now being constructed and to make Boston's Latin Quarter, Hyde Square, more widely accessible. To accomplish this The Arborway Committee for Public Transit, Inc. (ACPT) proposes extending the Green Line to Hyde Square. See our White Paper on the proposal. Our White Paper, assembled by the Arborway Committee for Public Transit, Inc., discusses key factors favoring the extension of the Green Line along the South Huntington Avenue corridor to Hyde Square from Heath Street in Jamaica Plain. Our best efforts have been made to ensure accurate and timely information.

Even without any further development along South Huntington Avenue, an extension of the Green Line to Hyde Square would greatly benefit current neighbors and merchants and alleviate the inadequate service currently provided by the Rt. 39 bus.

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Why Extend the Green Line from Heath Street to Hyde Square?

Hyde Square Green Line Service would:

Strengthen Boston's Latin Quarter

Place Hyde Square on the T map

Promote the goal of environmental justice

Help merchants by increasing foot traffic in Hyde Square

Provide better access for more customers with fewer cars

Accommodate new residential construction along South Huntington Avenue

Connect residents with a reliable one-seat ride into the subway system

Strengthen the MBTA by encouraging new riders and increased fare collections

Protect E-line service from being cut

Act as a catalyst for the "completes street design"

Hyde Square

The Hyde Square initiative is gaining support and momentum especially in light of a South Huntington Avenue Framework for Future Development launched in 2013 by the Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA). The BPDA's advocacy for extending the Green Line along South Huntington Avenue can be found on page 33 of the framework.

Read the BPDA's Framework Here

Most importantly, the future is not yet written and you can help improve Boston transportation by preserving urban rail and the unique character of Boston's original 'Streetcar Suburb,' Jamaica Plain.

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